Top 4 Benefits of a Glass Bottle in the Packaging Market Sep 28,2022.

The global market in the packaging field has a variety of material. Although plastic occupies most of the market,more and more consumers concern the problem of plastic bottles containing bisphenol A and BPA .


Now consumers pay more attention to the glass package when they buy beverage because the glass bottle is not only more high-end,also considered as the safest packaging material by FDA with its excellent quality.


The gradual loss of customers has aroused the alarm of beverage companies that have been using plastic packaging bottles.


Here's an introduction of the benefits of glass bottle packaging:


1. Glass material is lead-free and harmless, and also has good barrier performance, which can well prevent the oxidation and erosion of various gases to the objects in the bottle, and can effectively prevent the volatile components of the internal objects from volatilization into the atmosphere.


2. Glass bottles can be recycled and repeatedly used to reduce the packaging cost of enterprises.



3. Transparent glass texture can easily reflect the color of the contents of the bottle.


4.Glass bottles are safe and hygienic, non-toxic and harmless, have good corrosion resistance and acid corrosion resistance, and have special packaging advantages for wine industry, dairy industry, edible oil industry, beverage industry etc.. Especially suitable for acid substances, such as fruit and vegetable drinks, vinegar packaging.


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